Smartphones With Immersive Display

The Oppo A5S boasts of a gorgeous Waterdrop display which will enable you to view even more on the moment and enjoy advanced technology at the same time. With a 16.7 cm diagonal touch screen, the phone is protected by a Corning Gorilla Glass. With an impressively long battery life of eighteen hours, this handset will surely keep you busy. With a stunning five megapixel front camera and a secondary color screen, the Oppo A5S definitely packs in all the style and performance.

Apart from its mesmerizing looks, the Oppo A5S also has oppo a5s a number of features which make it stand out. It offers fast internet access, amazing graphics, high-end music player, text and picture messaging facilities as well as the all-important internet radio. You can even download your own apps thanks to the Android platform and the Bluetooth facility. The Oppo A5S has a powerful dual camera which enables you to take pictures of your friends and family as well as capture clear images of the splendor found in Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro and Belo Horizonte. In fact, the coloros 6.0 version of the Oppo A5S is equipped with all these high-end functions and more.

The coloros 6.0 version of the Oppo A5S features an improved portrait mode, which is available with the regular model. You can now change the portrait mode according to your mood or need whether you want to take a shot of your kids during a day trip or take a shot of your husband after a long day at work. While in portrait mode, the Oppo A5S auto focus ensures that you get clean pictures without any cluttered backgrounds. The color enhanced auto focus system with the multi-eye mode is another exciting feature found in the Oppo A5S. This allows you to view two cameras simultaneously as in the case of the color enhanced auto focus.

If you are looking for more advanced features with your smartphone camera, the new version of the Oppo A5S which is powered by the Mediatek Helio P35 should be considered seriously. For example, you can now shoot videos with your phone thanks to the HD front camera which supports up to 4K resolution. Plus, the front and back cameras of the Oppo A5S have been enhanced with the help of a number of features including; built-in image stabilization, manual controls over video and audio quality, fast auto shutter speed, high-definition viewing, built-in digital zoom and much more. This makes the front camera of the Oppo A5S a perfect tool for capturing moving images. This is why many people who have already purchased the Oppo A5S consider it to be the best smartphone camera they have ever used.

While the front and back cameras of the Oppo A5S are enhanced with some great features, one of the most useful elements of this smartphone remains its Ultra Thin Auto Glass screen which is coated with Gorilla Glass. This ensures that the device is capable of providing a higher level of clarity at the same time that it provides a larger view of the content that you are trying to capture. You can use this feature to capture outdoor scenes and still shots which are superior to what you would achieve with regular point and click cameras. The result is an image that is cleaner, has more focus, has better colors and shows off the details of your subject. The result of which will leave your viewers with an impression that you know what you are doing. This is exactly what you can expect from an image quality enhanced smartphone like the Oppo A5S.

For someone that is looking for a smartphone with the perfect blend of high performance and a beautiful appearance that is beyond comparison, then the Oppo A5S is definitely your best choice. This is the phone that you should be looking for if you are looking to buy one that not only provides you with amazing images, but also with the comfort and user friendliness that every modern smartphone should offer. At over $500 dollars, the price tag may put some off but the features and performance that come in the package make it well worth it. If you want to keep up with the latest technology trends, invest in the Oppo A5S.