Number of betting rates – How a small bet can bring up a very large amount

The size of the bet plays an important role in playing anything that can be a qualification. The amount of your bet before you hit, posting can give your opponents panic when they pull their hands.Get some advance tash games tips online in


There are no complete or exact areas of bet size, the best size for a bet depends on many factors such as your table position, pre-strike action, your stack number, and opponents.


Here are some quick tips to make your betting game stronger:


  • Increase your pre-explosive bet size if you have a weak opposing player. In this way the opponent always thinks he has a good hand like AA, KK, QQ. The main purpose of this will be to produce a very high number of weak opponents as inexperienced players often call the same types of hands, regardless of the size of their stack.
  • Make a big bet before hitting when you are not in a position, thus increasing the preflop will reduce the large number of opponents who are easily found to enter a small number to see the flop and find obstacles.
  • A small bet on dry boards – Betting 25-35% of the pot removes their chances and makes them fold their arms. Your opponent’s hands will not be equal to your bet range.
  • The amount of stack in your pot and opponents should always influence the size of your bet. You have to think ahead and always think about what will be the size of the bottle you intend to keep with your precious hands and bluffs.
  • Strategic Bluffing – Many players bet too much on the flop and then turn around and leave very little behind in the river. To create an unpleasant situation, these small streams of rivers produce little balance.


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