How much is the cost of carbon dioxide explosion?

A: Carbon dioxide explosive cost is generally in yuan, data is based on multiple blasting tests, 132. Seven three three-8803 hardness rock possible rock may cost higher, such as quartz stone hardness is relatively general cost 5 yuan or higher, granite blue stone hardness is also cost-effective in Yuan, although the granite sky is hard, but it is more crisp and easy to blast, the lowest cost of limestone blasting can be controlled in the yuan, the highest cost of the earth and stone may reach the yuan, and the above account does not contain artificial Free of punch is for reference only.

The carbon dioxide burst filling equipment, the central activity of the reservoir is made of a piston plate, the movable block and the piston plate are made of magnetic material, and the two magnetic poles are different, the spacer of the lumen of the tube body. The venting hole in which the cavity and the lower end cavity of the tube body and the tubes are opened, and the pore diameter of the vent hole is large, so that when the pipe body is used to recover, the reservoir is completed after the installation of the new rupture bar is completed. When the liquid carbon mining company dioxide is injected, the piston dioxide is moved downward, and the piston plate overcomes the magnetic force of the movable block to move downward, and the air below the piston pad is placed in the lower end of the tubular body by the vent hole. Through the exhaust port, the filling efficiency of liquid carbon dioxide is protected, and the quality of liquid carbon dioxide is improved, thereby further improving the blasting power of the carbon dioxide burst.

Among them, the screw shape of the active cavity is only in the upper end of the active chamber, and the surface of the rotating rod located on the bottom surface of the movable cavity is smooth, so that the movable block moves downward under the thrust of liquid carbon dioxide gasification. When the rotor rod is rotated laterally under the action of the threaded end, the movable block moves the movable block at the bottom end of the active cavity under the action of the carbon dioxide, and the movable block does not rotate the rotating rod. It caused resistance to ensure the large speed of the rotating rod, so that the wind power generated during synchronous rotation, and further increased the blowout efficiency of carbon dioxide. The method of use of the present invention is as follows: Blasting work: put the interior with liquid carbon dioxide burst into the desired blasting point, control the heat conduction rod energized by remote remote control, so that the thermal rod In an instant, a higher temperature is generated, and the liquid carbon dioxide in the reservoir is expanded six hundred times, so that the crack tube is suddenly broken, and the gaseous carbon dioxide is ejected from the cylinder opening, and Explosive points need to be impacted, complete blasting; Ventilation: While liquid carbon dioxide is thermally expanded, the carbon dioxide in which the fluid-expanded carbon dioxide in the reservoir is inverted by the opening of the active cavity and the reservoir. In the cavity, and the carbon dioxide is pushed downward, so that the movable block overcomes the spring elastic downward, and the active block is attached to the active block, so that the rotor rod is rotated laterally, and drive The blade in the lower end of the pipe body rotates, generates a wind, and blows outward through the exhaust port, so that the carbon dioxide of gasification is completed in completion.After the movement of the movable block speed is gradually slowed, the movable block is driven to reverse the movable block, and the activity block is reset, while the magnetic force force between the piston plate and the movable block Next, the piston plate follows the movable block to move upward; Auxiliary filling: After the blast is completed, the tube is recovered, and the new rupture is loaded, and the liquid storage cavity is passed through the inlet. Inject liquid carbon dioxide, under the action of liquid carbon dioxide, the piston plate overcomes the magnetic force force of the movable block, so that the lower end air of the piston plate is discharged outwardly through the vent hole and the exhaust port, so that the reservoir can be filled Liquid carbon dioxide and can be loaded with more liquid carbon dioxide to improve the quality of blasting. It is to be noted that in this article, a relationship term such as a second, etc. is only used to distinguish an entity or operation with another entity or an operational area, not necessarily or implied. There is any such actual relationship or order between entities or operations. Moreover, the term comprising , comprising or any other variable is intended to cover non-exclusive contained, thereby enabling a process, method, article, or device including a series of elements, not only those elements, but also not expressly listed. Other elements, or elements that are also inherent to such processes, methods, items, or equipment. Although the embodiments of the present invention have been shown and described, those skilled in the present invention may be understood that these examples can be understood without departing from the principles and spirit of the present invention. A variety of changes, modifications, replacement, and variations are carried out, and the scope of the invention is defined by the appended claims and their equivalents. The present invention provides an emitted hole fracturing device based on carbon dioxide blasting techniques, including a reservoir and a seifole, and a filling piston is provided with a filling piston, and an activator is provided under the bottom of the filling piston. The pipe is provided with a leakage head, and the leakage head is used, and a pressure blastser is provided in the reservoir. The lower end of the reservoir is connected, and a plurality of emitted bombs are provided with a guide connection. The emitting frame is provided with an elastic port, a compact pressure blast, and the reservoir is filled with liquid carbon dioxide. The activator heat storage tube is increased to increase the pressure blasting, igniting the guidance of the strip-proof hole. The formation rock mass forms a hole cavity, and the pressure in the reservoir continues to increase the shear sheet, and the carbon dioxide gas discharges the impact-hole cavity to form a fracturing zone. Advantageous effects of the present invention: solve the problem of complex in the well, complicated fracturing procedure, causing fracturing volume, can create a wider range of fissures and improve safety.